The script takes as input gtf produced by Kraken (lift-over tool). It will analyse the kraken_mapped attributes to calculate the mapped percentage of each mRNA. According to a threshold (0 by default), gene with a mapping percentage over that value will be reported. A plot nammed geneMapped_plot.pdf is performed to visualize the result. /!\ The script handles chimeric files (i.e containg gene part mapped on the template genome and others on the de-novo one) /!\/!\ If the file is complete (containing kraken_mapped="TRUE" and kraken_mapped="FALSE" attributes), the script calcul the real percentage lentgh that has been mapped. Else the calcul is only based on feature with kraken_mapped="TRUE" attributes. So in this case the result most of time will be 100%. /!\/!\/!\ We met rare cases where Kraken mapped a feature to several locations of the de-novo genome. As result we could end up with mapping over > 100%. We report them as 100% mapped in the plot and a warning is raised to allow to check thoses cases.


agat_sp_kraken_assess_lift_coverage --gtf infile.gtf [ -o outfile ]
agat_sp_kraken_assess_lift_coverage --help


  • -gtf

    Input gtf file produced by Kraken.

  • --threshold or -t

    Gene mapping percentage over which a gene must be reported. By default the value is 0.

  • --verbose or -v

    Verbose information.

  • -o , --output , --out or --outfile

    Output GFF file. If no output file is specified, the output will be written to STDOUT.

  • -c or --config

    String - Input agat config file. By default AGAT takes as input agat_config.yaml file from the working directory if any, otherwise it takes the orignal agat_config.yaml shipped with AGAT. To get the agat_config.yaml locally type: "agat config --expose". The --config option gives you the possibility to use your own AGAT config file (located elsewhere or named differently).

  • -h or --help

    Display this helpful text.